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Cast Iron Spice Grinder


This Cast Iron Spice Grinder is the perfect culinary tool when needing a small batch of spices ground. It is a three piece set featuring the grinding compartment, a storage compartment, and a beautifully crafted wooden lid with a rubber seal to keep your spices fresher longer. There are three notches in the rim of the bowl making an easy removal of the lid. Every master mixologist and bartender true to their craft should have this grinder in their master tools.

Each cast iron bowl sits within each other while the lid sits atop covering the top bowl. This extraordinary design allows you to store whole spices in the top bowl, and pour a small portion into the bottom bowl to grind. The inside of the bottom bowl and the outside of the top bowl are equipped with a coarse cast iron teeth like pattern which creates an excellent ridge for grinding.

  • Grinds dry spices
  • Stores whole spices & herbs
  • Made from cast iron
  • Durable, long lifespan

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