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Bottle Service Trays


Your VIP guests expect nothing but the best, right? Well, don't forget to dress up the presentation of the drinks that come out to them, and what better way than a stylish and customizable Bottle Service Tray. These Bottle Service Trays come with an interchangeable face plate so you can customize them with your bar or nightclubinformation. In addition to the customizable face plate it also comes with 3 polycarbonate carafes, 2 stainless steel garnish bowls, 1 stainless steel ice bucket and a napkin and straw compartment. Tray dimensions: 24" x 12" x 3.5. Made of Steel. Ice Bucket: 4 qt. Carafes: 1 liter Garnish cups: 6 oz.

These trays are also a great way to serve drinks to your guests when you have your next house party or event. Serve up some class and keep your guests happy!

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