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Beverage Dispenser - Christmas Tree 2.1 Gallon


Looking for a fun way to serve up cocktails at your holiday parties? The Christmas Tree 2.1 Gallon beverage dispenser will certainly be a hit at any party! It can be filled with Sangria or any cold holiday themed beverage. The easy-serve spigot allows guests to serve themselves and makes things so much easier for the host! Adding more liquids is also a breeze withe the lift-off lid. The gold base gives this dispenser an elegant look that will blend seamlessly with your holiday decor. Happy Holidays!

  • Cute Holiday Themed Christmas Tree Design
  • Heavy, 2.1 gallon glass dispenser with easy-serve spigot
  • Refilling is easy with the lift-off lid
  • Great for punches and sangrias!
  • Perfect for Holiday Parties
Additional Info
  • Base Height: 4.8 inches
  • Base Width: 7.65 inches
  • Container Height: 16 inches
  • Container Width: 11 inches
  • Container made of glass, Ceramic base
  • Hand wash