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Beer Tower with Stainless Steel Insert and Base - 3 Liter


Taking the idea of the Beer Tower up yet another level! This stainless steel beer tower is solid, sturdy, classy and keeps your liquids nice and cold for lengthy time spans. The main tube compartment is made from an extremely durable plastic material that is crystal clear emulating the look and feel of high quality glass. The inner tube is constructed from a rust-free stainless steel material that maintains its chill for long periods of time after freezing. Simply remove the top piece that is attached to the inner tube and freeze it for a few hours before use. After filling the plastic tube with your beverage of choice, insert the cold stainless steel tube and secure it to the top of the rim of the outer tube. Be sure to leave ample space when filling your beverage to compensate for the inner tube... you don't want to overflow it!

You will be pleased with the quality and construction of the built-in stainless steel spigot for dispensing the liquid contents. It offers an extremely durable utility and is more than ideal when serving beer or other beverages to parties of 2 or more guests. It is also a great party dispenser to use for punch, shooters and other creative cocktail concoctions.

  • Holds approximately 3 Liters of liquid
  • Extremely durable stainless steel material
  • Stainless steel insert keeps beverages cold for long periods of time.
  • Classy, elegant look and design
  • Dimensions: 60.75" Height / 5" Tube Diameter / 8" Base Diameter