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Beer Tower with Light and Ice Tube - 3 Liter


Introducing yet another great feature to everyone's favorite Beer Tower product! A small battery operated switch is located underneath the tower providing hours of a stunning light show throughout the entire tower shaft illuminating the liquid inside. With Multiple flourescent colors a nightclub like effect is produced. This cool product is guaranteed to boost your draft sales and keep those patrons coming back for more. The large capacity 3 liter tube will help give your servers more time to cater to other table needs, rather than having to constantly fill up pitchers. The added Ice Tube will make certain that the beer stays cold throughout the entire service period.

Very similar to our standard Beer Towers, the liquid is easily dispensed through a free flowing, pull down tap handle. These beer taps are intended to carefully be pulled down only about a quarter of the way to dispense the beverage. Taps can be damaged if pulled completely down.

The quality beer tower with ice chamber itself is made from a durable plastic material to prevent breaking if mishandled, and the base is a sturdy black plastic molding. Like the standard beer tower, this light up beer tower dispenser stands around 34" tall, and the base width being a bit different than the standard beer tower is 8" in diameter.

Due to the possibility of damage to the ice tube, we recommend filling the tube with ice rather than freezing it in the freezer DUE TO POTENTIAL BREAKAGE.

Requires 3 AAA Batteries (not included).

Check out this great product review from

"The lights though is where BarConic separates itself from the competition. They’re activated by simply flicking a switch, and because they’re battery operated you can activate them anywhere: on the deck, in the outdoor kitchen, at the campground, anywhere your heart desires. The clear, strong LED light slowly changes from one color to the next as it works its way through the spectrum and the result is as mesmerizing as any lava lamp you ever saw."

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