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Beer Tower Kit - 3 Liter

The Beer Tower Kit comes complete with a 3 Liter Black Base Beer Tower, Beer Tower Cooling Sleeve, and Beer Tower Cleaner. This kit gives you the complete beer drinking experience. The cooling sleeve is perfect for keeping your beer chilled in the tower which enhances the flavor of the beer until the very end of the tube! After you are done drinking out of it, you can use the tower cleaner to easily clean and keep your beer tower looking beautiful.
Product Summary:
  • Everything you need for the complete beer tower experience
  • Plastic tube is easily detachable for easy filling
  • Cooling sleeve is ideal for keeping beer cool until tube is finished
  • Sleeve easily velcros around tower tube
  • Cleaner takes the work out of cleaning the tube
Additional Info
  • Beer Tower stands 34 inches tall with a base of 8 inches in diameter
  • Cooling sleeves are pre-filled with Freezable Gel
  • Just add hot water and 1 scoop of cleaning powder for every 50oz of water to tube, and allow to sit for 20-25 minutes
  • Only Available in Continental US
  • Do not completely freeze cooling sleeve before use