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Beer Tower - 3 Liter

These standard Black Base Beer Towers stands 34" tall with an 8" diameter base. The durable clear plastic tube holds up to 3 Liters of your favorite beverage, and easily detaches from the base for efficient cleaning and re-fills. Beer Towers can give your servers a nice break from having to refill normal pitchers several times per table.

The liquid is dispensed from the free flowing "Pull Down" tap handle, or simply by pushing the button spout. This style of Beer Tower does not include any chilling accessories. We recommend adding our Beverage Chill Bats to your order. Please note that the beer taps are intended to be carefully pulled down only about a quarter of the way to correctly dispense the liquid. Taps can be damaged if they are pulled completely down. Purchase by the case of 4 for added savings.

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