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Beer Bucket Coaster - Plain White - 8.75" Diameter (Reuseable)


Works great with beer pitchers as well!

The condensation that collects on the bar or table top from a large beer ice bucket or frosty beer pitcher can be massive, making a very uncomfortable and messy sitting area for your customers. For years, bartenders have thrown down dirty bar rags or stacks of napkins in order to collect the additional moisture. How embarrassing! This looks tacky and unprofessional, leaving your guests with a not-so-great impression of your bar service.

These Beer Bucket Coasters are the perfect solution! They are designed to soak up all of that unwanted condensation and are big enough to fit the base of any standard sized beer bucket or pitcher! Another great perk, unlike your standard drink coasters that tend to get worn after a couple of services, they are completely reusable over and over again! Simply soak them in some soapy dishwater after your shift, rinse and set out to dry. They will be ready to go the next day good as new! The material is much like a mouse pad material with a durable rubbery foam base that will stay securely in place and a high quality polyester top lining.

So if you are an establishment that commonly serves buckets and pitchers of beer, these coasters are the perfect solution to your messy bar and table tops. Your customers will love you for it! Perfect for football season!

  • Large round coasters for beer buckets and beer pitchers
  • High quality, thick mouse pad material soaks up all unwanted condensation
  • Durable and reusable
  • Measures 8.75" Diameter