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Barware LFD-Tab Detergent


This bottle of 100 LFD Tab Barware Detergent is convenient and easy to use for every restaurant and bar. The formula is low sudsing and can be used with electric brush systems. The tablets leave no taste, odor, or residue that could affect the foam or carbonation in your beverages like beers, wines, or sodas. They dissolve in warm, cold, and hot water and reduce streaking, filming, and spotting on all bar and glassware.

No need to add mineral solvents as these tablets include water conditioning chemicals and is the recommended detergent for all barware. Also can be used for stationary brushes or manual washing.

  • Bottle of 100 tablets
  • FDA approved and EPA registered
  • Use in cold, warm, or hot water.
  • Economical - One tablet per sink
  • Pre-measured tablets