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Bartender's Tote – Stainless Steel DELUXE (17pc)

Several updates and advancements have been made to our popular Custom Complete Bartenders Tote Set. We bring you the Stainless Steel DELUXE version. This 17 pc set includes everything a professional bartender needs to work any bar shift and they all fit in a handy, nylon zipper tote bag. The tote bag features 2 zipper compartments designed to perfectly store your bar tools along with a convenient carrying strap.

If you are familiar with our custom complete tote, you will notice the upgrades as well as additions made to this DELUXE version. We have taken the 16 ounce cheater tin and replaced it with the (growing in popularity) 18 ounce shaker tin. The 18 ounce tin sits higher inside of the 28 ounce shaker tin, therefore allowing for a better grip as well as compartment capacity. We have also swapped out the standard Speed Bottle Opener for our V-Rod® Bottle Opener (which is a dual action bar tool).

On top of the upgrades, we have added two new tools to the set. First being our citrus squeezer. The most efficient and sanitary way to squeeze all of that juice out of your lemon and lime wedges. We have also added a muddler to the kit. Please see below for complete list of tote contents:
Included in this set:
  • A 28oz weighted shaker
  • 4 prong strainer
  • 18 oz. Weighted Cocktail Shaker Tin with Embossed Logo
  • .75oz x 1.25oz jigger
  • Red Knob Bar Spoon
  • V-Rod® Bottle Opener
  • 10oz ice scoop
  • 6 x BarConic® 304SS™ Stainless Steel Liquor Pourers
  • Corkscrew
  • Citrus Wedge Squeezer
  • Black Flat Head Muddler
  • Tote Bag

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