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BarProducts Logo Cocktail Shaker Tins - 28 ounce Weighted

PLEASE NOTE: These 28 ounce NEON shaker tins may have small inconsistencies in sizing and might not work in conjunction with our MAKOS and 16 ounce cheater tins, however they work perfectly with a standard mixing glass or 18 ounce shaker tin.

The 28oz Shaker, also known as a Tin, Boston, or Cocktail shaker, is traditionally used to cap a mixing or beverage glass. The 28oz shaker can also be used in conjunction with a 16oz shaker (which is also offered here with our custom BPC printed logo) or Mako shaker to mix cocktails. This version of our 28oz Shaker is known as a weighted shaker. It features a reinforced bottom, adding weight, making the shaker more stable.
  • 28oz and 16oz options
  • Many unique colors to choose from
  • The reinforced bottom makes the shaker more stable
  • Great for any home or professional bartender
  • Neon options are great for flair bartending
Additional Info
  • 28oz can be used with 16oz cocktail shaker, mixing glass, or Mako shakers
  • Power Coated Stainless Steel
  • Weighted bottom
  • Screen Printed Logo
  • Hand Wash recommended