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BarConic Tiki Drinkware - Treasure Chest - 26 Ounce


It’s time to cool off with your favorite pirate inspired cocktail in this BarConic® Treasure Chest Tiki Mug.  This unique detailed ceramic vessel is a beautifully crafted wooden looking treasure chest and will delight guests at any pirate themed party or event.  Be sure to have plenty of rum.  We have heard tales of pirates becoming angry when the rum is gone!

This treasure chest tiki mug is made from thick durable ceramic and professionally hand painted with a beautiful glaze overcoat.  When filled to the rim, it generously holds 26 ounces.  Tiki drinkware is perfect for bars and/or home party settings.  Your guests will certainly enjoy your unique cocktail presentations with this drinkware!

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This Tiki Mug measures approximately 26 ounces, but due to its handmade nature, capacity may vary slightly.

Please note: This ceramic Tiki Collection is hand painted and fired. Slight color variations are possible.



  • Trendy and stylish ceramic tiki mug
  • Beautifully hand painted ceramic
  • A great addition to your master mixology drinkware collection
  • Ideal for tropical and frozen cocktails
  • Dimensions of this mug are: 3” H x 7 ¼ L x 3 ½ W
  • Holds up to 26 fluid ounces
  • Serve with or with out lid
  • Lid features 6 straw holes