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BarConic® Salt / Glass Rimmer - 3 Tier - Color Options

Our Plastic 3-Tier Salt Rimmers are able to accommodate a glass of up to 5" in diameter. The top tier comes with a sponge which is commonly soaked with lime juice when in use. The two other tiers can be filled with salts and sugars of your preference. It's now common for bars specializing in martinis and margaritas to have several rimmers to hold the many colors and flavors of salts and sugars now on the market. Hint: For a super rim of salt or sugar (even on plastic drinkware), remove the sponge and use honey. Works great for colored salts and sugars that might otherwise be messy. Shown here with regular salt and our Mean Green Margarita® Salt.

The colored options of this product also feature a "chalk friendly" surface. This allows your bartenders to be able to label rimmers with what is inside, leave each other messages, write down drink recipes or daily specials, and more. The possibilities with chalk are endless and super easy to clean off and change daily.
*Chrome Plated, Stainless Steel Top, and Marble surfaces are not "chalk friendly."

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