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BarConic® Measured Liquor Pourers (2 Ball) - 12 Pack


BarConic® Measured Pourers are the perfect (Budget Friendly) solution to your liquor inventory control needs. Many bars experience costly issues such as heavy handed bartenders and have found comfort in popular measured pourers. The weighted "balls" inside the chamber of these liquor pourers have been designed to accurately measure certain pour increments utilizing gravitational pull when being tipped at a 45 degree angle.

We offer 5 different color coded measured pourers for your desired pour increments, so you get to control the amounts of liquor being served at your establishment. These pourers also featured a collared design that caps over the rim of the bottle, helping to prevent any possible drips or leaks while in use.

Note: Due mainly to viscosity differences in liquors, no measured pourer provides exact measurements. They are a tremendously reliable way to reduce over-pours and provide the consistency important to both bar owners and patrons.

Click here to get some instructions on these measured pourers

Comparable to Precision Pour, Posi-Pour, CO-Rect, American Metalcraft and other leading brands


  • Offered in several pour increments and color-coded for your convenience
  • A great way to control your liquor inventory and consistent pours
  • 2 weighted balls inside chamber works with gravitational pull for accurate pour measurements
  • BarConic® brand offers a budget friendly yet high quality version of these popular pourers
  • Cork fits snugly inside all standard liquor bottles while the collar captures any potential drips or leaks

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