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BarConic® Individually Wrapped Beverage Straws – 500 ct.


The one thing every beverage needs is a good straw. This product is an essential item for any business that sells drinks. These individually wrapped plastic straws are great for enjoying mixed drinks, cocktails and cold beverages in cups up to 32 ounces. Drinking straws are a permanent fixture of any establishment, but these BarConic® Drinking Straws offer more than just bare minimum. Manufactured from top quality plastic, the strength and durability of the straws make them resistant to the cracks and holes attributed to many inferior products. Your patrons deserve quality, with these BarConic® straws; you can give them a reliable product while still staying well within budget. These straws are individually wrapped in sanitary paper ensuring the safety of your customers by offering them a hygienic product they’ll appreciate. Drinking straws are a necessity at every nightclub and bar, stock up on these and stay prepared for all of your thirsty customers.

To add a splash of chic sophistication to any drink order BarConic® drinking straws in black. This stylish option is perfect for bars and nightclubs and immediately adds an upscale look to any beverage. Stock up on both options and be ready for anything.

Additional Information
  • Individually sealed to prevent contamination.
  • Available in Clear or Black.
  • Very Durable.
  • 7.5” long with a diameter of 0.25”.