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BarConic® Gold Plated Bar Spoon w/ Muddler Tip - Professional Grade - 40cm Length


Beautiful bright and shiny gold plated 40cm cocktail bar spoon with twisted stem and muddler opposite the spoon for a highly functional multi-purpose bar tool. Its twisted stem offers better grip with a smoother stir while the other end of the spoon is great for muddling craft cocktail ingredients without having to search for another tool. The gold plating gives this spoon an elegant sophisticated look that you're sure to love.

A high quality bar spoon is a must have for both professional and novice bartenders alike due to its adaptability and versatility. The stylish design and bright shiny gold color of these bar spoons coupled with their high performance make them a great addition to any collection of bar tools.

  • Length: 40cm
  • Made of durable stainless steel
  • Twisted stem for better grip and stir
  • Bright shiny gold plating

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