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BarConic® Ceramic Skull Shot Glass - 2oz


Looking for a unique way to serve up your shots? These ceramic skull shot glasses are perfect for bringing life to the party and a rustic theme to your shot presentations. The ceramic skull base acts as a "holder" for the 2 ounce shot glass (which is removable). The fine lines and detailing of the skull molding showcases a desirable hand crafted quality that you can only expect from the BarConic® name. When assembled, this shot glass stands 2.75" tall with a 2" rim diameter. These skull shot glasses are the perfect addition to bars with an edge or for the home party enthusiast who enjoys impressing their guests.

  • Measures 2.75" tall, 2" rim diameter
  • Constructed from a high quality ceramic and glass
  • Glass capacity measures 2 ounces
  • Ceramic skull acts as a holder for the glass and is removable
  • Showcases fine lines and beautiful detail
  • Adds a rustic them to any party setting

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