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BarConic® Barrel Shot Glass - 1 ounce


This BarConic® Barrel Shot Glass features a sleek, rounded shape and defines a classy look when incorporating it into your shot service line up. Perfect for a 1 ounce shot of any straight up liquor such as whiskey, tequila and rum! Not particularly styled after the traditional beveled shot glass, this barrel style showcases a subtle rounded flare, giving it just enough edge to be considered a unique alternative. The high quality and durable glass material offers a beautiful clarity that is to be expected with the BarConic® Glassware name.

  • Measures: 2"H x 1.75" Rim Diameter x 1" Base Diameter
  • 1 ounce capacity
  • Barrel shaped unique style
  • Highly durable
  • Trendy, stylish design

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