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BarConic® Bar Spoon Strainer - Stainless Steel - 40cm


This bar spoon with strainer tip will certainly add an additional functionality to your bartending performance. The top end includes a highly functional strainer ideal for draining water or lifting ice in a build cocktail. This gorgeously reflective bar spoon showcases an exquisite metal finish while the high quality and durable stainless steel construction backed by the BarConic® brand will ensure longevity and enjoyment. This strainer tip bar spoon is simply a delight to use with its 40cm length stem that twists down to a smooth spoon end. The design ensures a speedy stir without unnecessary stress on your fingers.

Bar Spoons are a common bar tool used in historic and modern mixology. They aid in the stirring process of aromatic spirits, being careful not to water them down and preserving their robust flavors. The stirring technique is one to be appreciated as well as respected! Bar spoons are used in many other bartending scenarios and will also be found layering cocktails for enhanced presentations. Simply a must have in your bar tool ammo!

  • Measures: 40cm Length
  • High quality stainless steel material
  • Multi-functional strainer design tip
  • Ideal for professional bartenders and master mixologists
  • Commonly used for stirring and layering cocktails

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