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BarConic® 4 oz Whiskey Glass with Ice Ball Insert

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The BarConic® Whisky Glass with Ice Ball Insert is the perfect way to serve whisky- keeping it cold until the last drop without watering it down. The glass is not as wide as a traditional whisky glass, sitting smaller in your hand with subtle indents on either side of the glass for better grip. The thick, heavy glass shows this product's quality, something that your whisky drinkers will appreciate. Simply chill the glass for at least four hours before serving. The whisky will stay cold for up to two hours without watering down like it would with traditional ice. The whisky glass holds about 4 ounces of fluid.

The BarConic® Whisky Glass with Ice Ball Insert is easy to store and clean. This glass is perfect for the whisky bar or restaurant looking to serve whisky in an elegant, high quality way.

  • Thick, quality whisky glass
  • Ice ball insert allows you to serve whisky chilled, but not watered down
  • Whisky stays cold for up to two hours
  • Indents on the sides for better grip
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Holds about 4 oz

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