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BarConic® 14 oz Whiskey Pitcher with Ball Insert

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If you are a true whiskey connoisseur, then you know the importance of maintaining the robust flavors and aromas during consumption. For whiskeys that are better served chilled, you risk watering down these flavors with ice as it melts. This whiskey pitcher with glass ball insert is the perfect solution for a chilled, non-watered down whiskey delight! The high quality glass material features a molded sphere in the inside base of the glass that is filled with water. Simply chill this pitcher for a few hours before use, and you have yourself a whiskey pitcher that will maintain its chill for several hours. This pitcher is ideal for entertaining friends by keeping a chilled whiskey refill nearby at all times. The outside of the glass also offers a secure grip, as finger indentations are molded right into the design. Filled to the rim, this glass pitcher holds up to 14 fluid ounces.

  • High quality, durable glass material
  • Features a built-in ice ball insert
  • Features a spout on the rim for easy, spill-free pouring
  • Secure grip indentations on the outside of the glass
  • Comes with cleaning brush
  • Dimensions: 5.75" Height / 3" Diameter