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BarConic® 13 Piece Bar Set

New and Improved! We updated our popular 13 piece Bar Set and added a little more excitement to it! This BarConic® Bartending Kit offers you the latest and greatest in standard bartending tools… all of the tools you need in order to become the best bartender on the block at the lowest price you will find anywhere! Many of our updated elements offer dual purposes, so if you think about it… this set offers more than just 13 uses! Please see below for complete overview.

BarConic® 13 Piece Bartending Set
28 ounce Weighted Cocktail Shaker 18 ounce Weighted Cocktail Shaker V-ROD® Bottle Opener
  • IMPROVED: The older 13 piece bar set featured a non-weighted Cocktail Shaker. Many bartenders prefer the control and functionality of the "weighted" shaker tins.
  • More likely to be used by professional bartenders.
  • IMPROVED: The older 13 piece bar set featured a non-weighted 16 ounce shaker tin (used to cap the 28 ounce) While this is still a popular tin style, many bartenders are beginning to prefer the 18 ounce as a cheater tin over the 16 ounce.
  • offers the "weighted" shaker feature (preferred by most bartenders).
  • Larger capacity for larger shake jobs.
  • IMPROVED: Updated from the standard Speed Opener, the V-Rod® offers a dual purpose.
  • Opens beer bottles just like standard speed opener.
  • The V-ROD® also pops the liquor pourers out of liquor bottles with ease, using the opposite end of the opener.
Fork Tip Bar Spoon Double Lever Corkscrew 4 Prong Stainless Steel Cocktail Strainer
  • IMPROVED: updated from the standard red knob bar spoon. This Fork Tip Bar Spoon offers a dual purpose.
  • Same great functionality as a standard bar spoon, but features a fork tip for professional and sanitary condiment applications.
  • IMPROVED: Featuring the double-lever boot system, serrated knife, and Teflon-coated spiral. Updated from the standard Waiter's Corkscrew.
  • Most preferred Cocktail Strainer used by all bartender types.
  • The 4-prongs offer a secure grip on any shaker tin or mixing glass.
Stainless Steel Jigger 6 Black Plastic Pourers  
  • While getting the right measurements as well as inventory control is important, this 0.75 ounce by 1.25 ounce Stainless Steel Jigger is an important element.
  • This style of liquor pour is a popular and highly preferred way to get accurate pours.
  • Works great with our V-ROD® Bottle Opener and Liquor Pourer Remover.

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