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BarConic® Oversize Cork Adaptor - Dozen Pack


These large bottle cork adaptors are a perfect solution for if you don't have any wide necked pourers on hand. These adapters allow you to be able to use a standard size liquor pourer with wider neck bottles. Simply insert the liquor pourer into the adaptor and you're good to go. They are made from high grade silicone and create an airtight seal, eliminating spillage and staying securely in place. No more leaks, sloppy fits or getting your liquor pourers stuck. Each pourer measures 1.25" H x 1"W with a internal diameter of .75". Comes in a pack of 12.

Liquor pourers are NOT included!


  • Measurement: 1.25" H x 1"W x .75" internal diameter
  • Comes in a pack of 12
  • Provides air tight seal
  • Allows standard pourers to be used on wider necked bottles
  • Liquor pourers are sold separately