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BarConic® Feather Etched Stemmed Mixing Glass - 1301ml (44oz.)

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These BarConic® 44oz. Feather Etched Gallone Mixing Glasses are a must-have for any bartender, master mixologist or home bar aficionado. This simple, yet vital Gallone Mixing Glass is perfect for creating premium cocktails by allowing a master mixologist to swirl cocktails instead of stirring them. Destined to become a major asset behind the bar or in your home, this gorgeous cocktail mixing glass is the perfect blend of both style and functionality. Not every cocktail can handle being aggressively shaken inside the confines of a shaker tin. For those beverages that require a gentler touch this mixing glass is the perfect solution. Able to hold up to 44oz., our beautiful feather etched mixing glasses create the perfect conditions to properly mix and aerate your cocktail. The wide round bowl of this mixing vessel allows you enough space to add large ice cubes to chill your mixed drink. Durable and sleek, this premium quality mixing glass is a requirement for any establishment that offers cocktails. This visually stunning bartending tool is the ideal way to implement classic cocktail elegance into your bartending collection. This BarConic® 44oz. Feather Etched Mixing Glass is a major staple in the craft cocktail community due to its overwhelming style and efficiency.

  • Attractive feather etched design
  • Holds 44 ounces (1301ml)
  • Durable and classy stemmed base