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BarConic® Culinary Decorating Spoon Set w/ Plastic Handle

Decorating spoons have become a great alternative to squeeze bottles when it comes to garnishing and decorative plating for beautiful entrees or desserts. Simply add a special touch to hot or cold café beverages and coffee cocktails with drizzles of chocolate or caramel. This Decorating Spoon Set comes with two decorating spoons, one small and one large, each constructed of strong stainless steel and have a matte gray plastic handle. These spoons have a curved shape and tapered end allow you to quickly change between sauces but simply rinsing the spoon and moving onto the next. The larger spoon measures 8" and the small spoon measures 7" in length. 

  • Set of 2 decorating spoons
  • Made of durable stainless steel w/ plastic handle
  • Tapered end for accurate garnishing and drizzle
  • Perfect tools for garnishing entrees and desserts as well as coffee drinks and cocktails