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BarConic® 4 in 1 Cutting Board

This 4-in-1 cutting board is a must-have when prepping garnishes or food. Made of durable plastic, This tool is built to last and compacts most things you need all in one unit. On one side you have your standard cutting board, and on the other is a defrosting tray. Located on the top left you have a small grinder and It even has a built-in knife honer to keep your knife clean. It also has a silicone lining to make sure it stays in place. This board measures 14.25" in length and is 9.75" wide.

  • Measurement: 14.25" x 9.75
  • Silicone lining to prevent slipping
  • Knife honer
  • Cutting board
  • Defrosting tray
  • Built-in grinder