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Bar Foot Rail Tubing - Satin Brushed Brass (Length Options)


Transform your bar area with just a few added features. These foot rails provide comfort for your guests when sitting at the bar and are the perfect solution to spruce up your bar area. They will add a classy element to any indoor bar or outdoor patio bar area. 

Foot railing made of satin brushed brass are available in 2 in. diameter tube sizes from 2 ft. through 8 ft. lengths to fit the size of your bar. This polished stainless steel foot rail has a mirrored look and wall thickness of .050”. To properly install this tubing along your bar, add rail brackets in the same diameter. Carefully measure where each bracket will be placed before drilling into the bar, wall, or floor. For accurate support, bar brackets should be placed at each end of the tubing, plus one for every 4 ft. increment. To allow the foot railing to match any angles of your bar, use elbows and fittings. With using end caps and flanges, your foot railing will have a stunning finished look and will be mounted correctly. 

NOTE: If your bar is not an even full foot increment, but rather has some inch increment you will need to order up to the next foot. So, examples are if the bar measures 3’6″ you will need to order a 4 ft. piece of tubing, if the bar is 7’4″ you will need to order an 8 ft. piece of tubing. If this is the case, you then need to cut the rail with a miter saw prior to installation. To connect the two sections of tubing together, an internal splicing sleeve should be used. Then the seam between the two joined pieces can be covered by placing a bracket over the joint.


  • 2" Outside Diameter
  • Wall thickness: .050"


  • Steel tubing for foot rails 
  • Made of satin brushed brass
  • Matching components available
  • A bracket should be used at both ends and at every 4’ increments