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"ADD YOUR NAME" V-Rod® Bottle Opener – Beige Marble


Our Beige Marble V-Rod® Bottle Opener exudes an ethereal quality, adding a touch of sophistication and class to your beverage enjoyment. These whimsical marble openers will certainly be any bartender's favorite new beer bottle opener. The middle cutout in the design allows for the perfect space to add your name or the text of your choice. This V-Rod® Bottle Opener can also be bought blank, but adding your name(or other text) is a great way to claim your opener, and keep fellow bartenders from stealing your bar tools!

Our V-Rod® Bottle Openers are one of the hottest bartending accessories out there. They provide you with the ability to quickly and efficiently remove beer bottle caps (just like a traditional speed opener), but can also be utilized as a liquor pourer remover on the other end.

PLEASE NOTE: "Add your Name" is an optional feature to this design. If you wish to purchase just the design without this feature, simply leave the text field blank.

  • Add your own name or text capability
  • Whimsical and ethereal beige marble design 
  • High quality, stainless steel, durable V-Rod® Bottle Opener ideal for busy bartenders
  • Liquor pourer remover feature

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