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A Coupler


The A Coupler is best for European beers such as Hogaarden and Staropramen.

  • SAFE. All keg couplers are equipped with internal safety relief devices which when functioning with other relief devices in the system will prevent a keg from reaching pressures in excess of recommended working pressures. This relief device will also allow the user to relief pressure in order to prevent or correct dispense problems.
  • EFFICIENT. Designed for maximum flow in either single or series keg dispensing. A specially designed back flow check valve prevents the back up of liquid into the gas line and eliminates the need for a coupling washer between the nut and the coupling body.
  • RELIABLE. All beer couplers come with stainless steel hinge screws to prevent rusting and sticking and allow for quick and easy cleaning without the need for any special tools.
  • Fits on all 1/6 barrel, 1/4 barrel, 1/2 barrel, 50L, 30L, 20L kegs