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Featured Recipe - Toasted Crunch Shot

Toasted Crunch Shot

Since Fireball and RumChata are one of the hottest combos right now, we wanted to put a little twist on it and jazz it up a little bit. This variation not only tastes great, but also looks amazing too. Same great shot, but with a little added sophistication.Toasted Crunch Recipe:

1.5oz Fireball
1.5oz RumChata
Cinnamon flavored cereal (Crushed)
1 Cinnamon Stick

Rim half of the rim of a Bomb SHOTZ® cup with honey and then dip that side into the crushed cereal bits. Set aside. Shake together 3/4oz of Fireball Whiskey and 1.5oz RumChata together in a shaker with ice. Pour mixture in outer chamber of the Bomb SHOTZ® shot cup. Pour 3/4 oz of Fireball Whiskey into center of the Bomb SHOTZ® cup. Grate cinnamon stick over outer chamber of shot cup over RumChata mixture. Serve or enjoy.