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Featured Recipe - ¡Súper Gigante Flaca Margarita!

¡Súper Gigante Flaca Margarita!
Perfect for Cinco de Mayo!

If you're going to drink 33 ounces of Margaritas, you may as well make it skinny. Jordan's Skinny Mixes, you can have all the taste of a perfect Margarita, with less calories and reduced sugar.

¡Súper Gigante Flaca Margarita! (33oz):


  • 4.5 oz Tequila (1 part)
  • 3 oz Triple Sec (optional)
  • Jordan's Margarita Skinny Mix (3 Part)
  • Mean Green Lemon-Lime Flavored Salt & Red Colored Salt
  • Lime



In a cocktail shaker, combine Tequila, Skinny Mix (depending on preference), and Triple Sec (optional) with lots of ice. Shake well, and pour into salt rimmed XL Margarita Glass. Garnish with a lime.