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Featured Recipe - Some Like it Hot!

Some Like it Hot!

Some Like it, Hot! It is those thrill seekers who inspired this creation. If you like it hot we have come up with this fiery shot that will light your taste buds up and get you ready for a fun night of drinking.

Some Like it Hot! Recipe

3/4oz Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
3/4oz Whiskey

Squirt a small amount of sriracha into the bottom of the shot glass(es). Squeeze your orange juice and pour your whiskey into a cocktail shaker (NO ICE, unless you can’t handle it). Add a few jalapeno slices, shake well and strain into the glass with the sriracha. Rub fresh jalapeno around the edge of the shot glass and garnish with one of the jalapeno slices. Hype yourself up and then, down the hatch.