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Featured Recipe - Shot of Freedom

Shot of Freedom

Declare independence from sobriety with some patriot juice. These colors might not run, but drink of few of them and you might be dancing!

Shot of Freedom recipe:

1.5 oz of Vodka (premixed with a little Sour for "white" cloudiness)
Splash of Grenadine
Blue Curaçao (float)

If you're using imported, non-American liquor, find a bald eagle and present your bottles to it for its blessing. This removes guilt. Fill a tall shooter glass about 3/4 full with your Vodka mixture, then very, very gently add your Grenadine. Sing the national anthem while waiting for the grenadine to sink. Slowly pour the Blue Curaçao over the concave side of a bar spoon* for the top layer. At this point your heart should be swelling with national pride, so it's an ideal time to get the booze in your veins. Oh, and make sure to offer the eagle a drink first to avoid "freedom mauling".
*Tip: if you don't have a bar spoon, pour over a cherry. Be sure to tell you dad if you chopped down a cherry tree to get one.