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Featured Recipe - Scaredriver

Are you screaming for a little vitamin C this season?

- Great for Halloween!

This Halloween, serve up a little black magic with our ScareDriver, a favorite brunch cocktail with a googly-eyed twist. Each spine-chilling sip is bubbly, sweet, tart, and refreshing. It's the perfect way to start your morning and kick off an evening of sinister fun. Now, we know this might be a throw back to your college years, but it's still a great cocktail and your guests will surely love the fun Halloween inspired look! The fresher the O.J. the better, and stay away from bargain-basement vodkas—they only lay the groundwork for a highway to Hangoverville.

  • Pulp-free Orange Juice
  • Black Vodka
  • Olives for garnish


Fill a flute glass halfway with chilled pulp-free orange juice. To create the layering effect, use a bar spoon and carefully pour black vodka over the back of a spoon so it runs down the side of the glass, rather than plunging into the juice and mixing right away. And finally, create the "eyes" with two green olives and a cocktail pick. Place them on the top of the flute and enjoy!