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Featured Recipe - Get Pucked Up

Get Pucked Up

Hockey Playoffs are here! Are you ready to get Pucked Up?

Hockey's the second best thing on ice! Goal tenders get your bar tenders to whip up this drink dedicated to manliest sport there is. Yep, these ingredients are meant to look a little bloody, because, let's be honest, when you're waiting an hour for someone to make the next goal, you might as well start a fight



  • 1 oz Vodka
  • 1 oz Blue Curacao
  • Sour Mix
  • Grenadine



Add Vodka, Sour Mix, and Blue Curacao to shaker tin with ice. Shake until all ingredients are chilled. Pour into glass over ice. Drop grenadine into glass so that it slowly floats into drink. Enjoy!