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Featured Recipe - D-Cup Coffee

D-Cup Coffee
Everything is better with alcohol and doughnuts!

Here's a reason to rise and shine after a long night! The D-Cup Coffee is a delicious drink that has the caffeine and sugar to get your engine going in the morning, and a bit of alcohol to take the edge off the bright morning sun.

D-Cup Coffee:


  • 7 oz Coffee
  • 2 oz Doughnut Flavored Vodka
  • 1 oz Frangelico
  • Doughnut for garnish
  • Cream or Sugar(optional)



Head to your local doughnut shop, and choose your favorite style of doughnut. When you get home start brewing the coffee, and get out your coffee mug. While the coffee is brewing cut a small wedge into your doughnut for garnish. When the coffee has finished brewing pour 2oz of doughnut flavored vodka, 1oz of frangelico into your coffee mug, and finish off by pouring 7oz of the coffee into your mug. If you take cream or sugar with your coffee now is the time to add them, and finally stir the ingredients together. Take your doughnut wedge, set it on the side of your mug for dipping and enjoying.