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Featured Recipe - Swamp Water Swamp Water

Swamp Water Punch is an amazing and refreshing creepy cocktail to enjoy during this Halloween season. This festive beverage is a great choice for any Halloween party and is sure keep your ghoulish guests satisfied! Make sure you share some of this tasty witch’s brew recipe with your family and friends!


  • - Coconut Rum
  • - Melon Liqueur
  • - Pineapple Juice
  • - Orange juice
  • - Blue curacao
  • - Corn Syrup
  • - Red Food Coloring
  • - Dry Ice

How to:

  1. - Mix Corn Syrup & Red Food Color together and place into a glass rimmer
  2. - Dip the top of the Skull Mug into the syrup mixture
  3. - Shake Coconut Rum, Melon Liqueur and orange & pineapple juice in shaker tin - strain into glass
  4. - Top with Blue Curacao
  5. - Place a small piece of dry ice into the mug in order to make a creepy bubbling effect.
  6. - Serve or Enjoy!