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Bar Rescue - Thugs with Mugs (S4, E2)

SO|LO (Undisputed Sports Bar and Grill) – Yonkers, NY

In 2009, Miguel Torres – a former boxer has partnered up with his long time friend and boxing teammate, Brian O’Shea to open up the Undisputed Sports bar & grill. At first, Undisputed boxing themed bar have driven a lot of customers to the bar and they were doing great with their business. The bar has begun to fail once Brian, co-owner has become intoxicated with the bar's early success and started to use Undisputed as his personal party entertaining ring. Over time the Undisputed's standards and security have dropped and make this bar is an unsafe place to hang out for locals or even for their employee.

To rescue this family business, Taffer and his team created and transformed this failing bar to a fun themed bar called "SO|YO". After the bar has completely changed, the SO|YO has become one of the popular bars in the area. has supplied tons of products that will be featured in this episode. Check out our signature products that are used in this episode of bar rescue on SPIKE TV.

More Highlights from the show with our featured products: