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Bar Rescue - El Moronte!! (S4, E4)

Tres Cuartos (Laguna Lounge) -  Jersey City, New Jersey

Lifelong DJ, Ivan Arroyo opened the Laguna Lounge in 2008 attempted to make it a hot spot for a Latin music for the locals. Ivan ran this business with his two sons, Joshua and Jeremiah but instead of managing the bar, Ivan focuses all of his attention on being a DJ while he is having fun DJ-ing, the bar sales dropped. Things took its turn for the worst when Ivan’s marriage to the boy’s mother end up divorced. Ivan responded to his failure by lashing out his frustration to his sons and staffs.

There is no chance to make money with his attitudes. This bar owner needs to treat his son and staffs with respect. Jon Taffer must deflate the ego of a passionate Puerto Rican bar owner whose constant berating, boisterous personality, and focusing more on DJ-ing, is not just turning the staff against him, but his own sons as well.

In this episode, Jon Taffer and his teams makeover this bar by giving this bar a new look and a new name. The bar name has changed from “Laguna Lounge” to “Tres Cuartos”. sponsored our bartending tools, glassware, and a ton of our signature products that are used in this episode of Bar Rescue on SPIKE TV. After six weeks of the makeover, Tres Caurtos drink sales are up 20% and food sales are up 100% and the Tres Cuartos is becoming known as the Latin hot spot in the heights!

More Highlights from the show with our featured bar products: