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Bar Rescue - Drunk & Dirty Dolls (S3, E25)

Alibi Casino - Las Vegas, NV

This week's episode was one of the best yet! Jon Taffer and his team visit Alibi Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Alibi Casino was opened in 1998 by Artie Corey. At first, the bar was a huge hit with locals as it gave them a place to get away from the tourist-laden strip. As the bar became successful, Artie got more into racing and motor sports. After a near-fatal accident, the staff took over and the place became a raunchy dive bar.

When Artie returned to work, rather than changing his vulgar staff, he made the place a monument to his racing days. In this, he began alienating female customers. With over $200,000 in debt, Artie had no choice but to call on Jon Taffer or shut his doors for good.

On Jon's team this week is mixologist Mia Mastroianni. Mia worked with the bartenders to retrain them. She asked two bartenders to make a dirty martini and neither was made correctly. After the stress test, Jon explained to the staff that the entire next day would be for training. Mia came up with an excellent new drink menu meant to attract female clientele. She introduced new cocktails French 75Blackberry Gin FizzGold Rush, and Dessert in a Glass.

Jon's concept for this bar was full of class. The bar reopened as Garnet Lounge with a beautiful sign outside stating that every night is ladies night. Inside the place was red, just like a garnet. After six weeks, the Garnet Lounge has finally regained it's female clientele. Sales are reportedly up 20% and Artie is very grateful to the entire Bar Rescue team.


Blackberry Gin Fizz
- 1.25 oz Tanqueray
- 0.75 oz Lime Juice
- 0.75 oz Blackberry Syrup
- Top with Soda
GLASS: Tall Glass
GARNISH: Blackberry and a Rosemary Sprig


Gold Rush
- 1.5 oz Crown Royal
- 0.75 oz Lemon Juice
- 0.75 oz Honey Syrup
- Dash of Bitters
GLASS: Rocks Glass
GARNISH: Lemon Twist


Bar Products Featured in this Episode: