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Bar Rescue - Bug Bite (S4, E1)

The Artful Dodger - Huntington, New York

After losing his job as a salesman. Mike Conforti, took all his saving and bough a night club “Artful Dodger”. The Artful Dodger became the one of the first bars in the area that featured DJ Daning and they were doing good for the first 5 years of their business. But as the locals Huntington bar scene grew and Mike lacks of standard to maintain the bar has sent the customers walking to competitions. In this episode, Jon Taffer must teach owners how to promote his business and update their décor and standard, when their fledging nightclub becomes a hazard due to the owner's misguided decision to adopt a 18 and over policy, bringing unruly teens, and a bar so dirty it attracts fruit flies and mosquitos. has sponsored and supplied our bar supplies that will feature in all of the Bar Rescue of season 4. Checking out our signature products that are used in this episode.

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