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Bar Rescue - Brawlin' Babes (S3, E29)

Long Shots Sports Bar - Grain Valley, MO

Mark Wilson, owner of Long Shorts Sports Bar in Missouri called on Jon Taffer for help in this week's episode of Bar Rescue. Mark's bar is failing due to another local bar that has taken all of the business in town. One of the first things that Jon noticed about this bar, a sports bar, is that it has no televisions! In addition to having no televisions to watch the game, the female staff members clearly did not get along and the owner isn't doing anything to stop it. Taffer's biggest challenge in this rescue is getting the staff to work together.

Helping train the bartending staff this week is mixologist Elayne Duff. Elayne has her work cut out for her on this episode since the bartenders had no idea how to tend bar! She introduced five new delicious cocktails: Dusty TrailBoot, Scoot and BoogyBuckle BunnyLucky #8, and FWT (Foxtrot Whiskey Tango). During training, Jon and Elayne drill and drill the staff until they get it right. Drink after drink was dumped out because it wasn't made properly.


As part of the Bar Rescue makeover, Long Shots was renamed to Badlands Country Nightclub. The interior was nothing short of amazing. The lighting, music, and dance floor were perfect. When the bar reopened, service was still slow, but Mark finally pulled his weight and helped where needed.

Six weeks after reopening as Badlands Country Nightclub, sales have been reported to have increased by 30%, the cat fights have stopped, and Mark is no longer in danger of losing his home thanks to Jon Taffer and Bar Rescue.


Boot, Scoot and Boogy
- 1.5 oz Ciroc Amaretto
- 1 oz Lemonade
- 0.5 oz Orange Juice
GLASS: Rocks Glass
GARNISH: Orange Slice and Cherry
- Shake and Pour into a Rocks Glass, Top with Fresh Ice


Lucky #8
- 1.5 oz. Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
- 0.75 oz Orange Curaçao
- 1.25 oz Sour Mix
GLASS: Rocks Glass
GARNISH: Orange Spiral
- Shake and Strain into a Rocks Glass


Bar Products Featured in this Episode: