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lighter leash  


The Original Lighter Leash® has become a common name among the smoking community and is found in different stores all over the world. I bet you didn't realize that the Lighter Leash® was designed, invented, patented and is manufactured by Don't be fooled by those copy-cats and their low quality rip-offs and get the original right here on our website. The Lighter Leash® comes in an original and premium style in different colors. Forget the rest and only use the best!



Cigarettes are expensive and having to throw out a half smoked one because of one reason or another stinks. The CigJig® is a invention and patented product manufactured by us that allows you to save any unfinished cigarettes for later without stinking up your pack. It has an air-tight case that puts out the cigarette without you having to worry. The CigJig® is ideal for those smoke when you can, busy smokers. No more wasted money on trashed partially smoked cigarettes.

 cig jig


Zip Stick  


In very hot or cold areas around the world lip balm can be your best friend. No need to fumble through a purse or try to cram into a pocket to find your most prized possession for these types of places. The Zip Stick® is the most convenient way to allow easy access to lip balm when you need it the most. Just hook it to a belt loop and you’re all set. Zip Stick® is not only a original, patented product that is available here, but you can also customize it via our online designer software.




Having all the right tools as a bartender is key. You definitely need an easily accessible bottle opener, right? Also, how many times has a customer asked you for a light? The Flash Tender™ has got these bases covered with an easily accessible bottle opener and lighter on a Lighter Leash® style retractable reel. Not in the bar business, that's ok, the Flash Tender™ is perfect tool for anyone who needs it. Get your Flash Tender™ right here at!



Retractable Reels  


Retractable reels are used by millions of professionals everywhere. We offer a bunch of different styles, colors, sizes. Everything from the Lighter Leash™ and retractable bottle openers to badge holders and lanyards. Slap a company logo on our customizable reels and your staff will have the perfect utility they will use everyday. Since manufacturers all of our reels, we are proud to be able to offer you direct low cost pricing by cutting out the middle man.



CUSTOM RETRACTABLE REELS makes all types of reels in many different styles with pre-made styles on them, but we know that some customers want to make it custom. With our online designer you can take a plain reel and put a full color design on it to make it fit your brand or style. The size of the reel is small but when the design on it is custom people will recognize it from a mile away. Let people take your brand where ever they go on a premium, high quality retractable reel.

custom retractable reels