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Flight Tray Beer Sampler Paddle with Paper Insert Slot – 4 Recessed Holes

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A new spin on a popular brew house inspired product! Flight trays are becoming more and more trendy throughout bars, pubs, breweries and anywhere specialty crafts are served. They offer you a great way to service your customers with a variety of ales, lagers, stouts and more for their sampling pleasures.

This particular flight paddle is handcrafted right here in the USA. It features a beautiful stained finish and offers a classic, yet elegant look. The best part about it is the paper insert slot on the edge of the tray. This slot is designed to hold a 5.5” x 2.125” piece of paper that maps out the 4 different holes of the tray. Your customers simply take a piece of paper (sold separately) and fill in the numbered drafts that they would like to sample. They submit this to you and you serve the samples based off of their numbered requests. A fun way for your customers to place their order and know exactly which ones they are sampling.

The paddle is designed to hold 4 beer sample glasses that have up to a 2 inch base diameter. Here, we are showcasing our BarConic® 5.5 Ounce Monument Glasses (also sold separately).
Tray Features:
  • Measures” 16.5” x 6” x 1”
  • Handle Length: approximately 5.5”
  • Paper Insert Slot : 5.25” x 2.5”
  • Recessed Holes: 2.125” Diameter
  • Handcrafted in the USA, quality craftsmanship
  • Dark, stain finish
  • Paper Inserts: Sold separately in tear off notepads of 100 pieces of paper
  • Paper Inserts: Measure 5.5” x 2.125”