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Vino Barrel Top Tavern Sign

The Vino Barrel Top Tavern Sign is the perfect way to add a bit of unique decor to any Bar or Kitchen. This colorful sign is meant to look like an actual barrel top and is made of real wood. Wine lovers of all types will love to have this handcrafted sign.

Barrel Top Signs are printed using our Kolorcoat™ process that leaves a permanent imprint on the wood's surface. The sides of the barrel are individually placed around the board, and are hand-crafted to order by skilled artisans. Each sign will have a uniquely distinct look since they are made from real wood.
  • Barrel Top Sign with Vino/ Red & White Wine Design
  • Great for Bars, Vineyards, Taverns, Kitchens, and more!
  • Images are applied to natural wood using our unique Kolorcoat™ process
Additional Info
  • 19.5" Diameter
  • Made of Wood
  • Ready to hang. No assembly required
  • Handcrafted in the USA