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BarConic® Heart Bamboo Cocktail Picks (Pack of 100)


The BarConic® Heart Bamboo Cocktail Picks are a perfect way to add a fun flair to your tropical drinks and garnishes. The bamboo material is strong enough to hold multiple garnishes and the heart shaping adds width to your pick, making it easier to lay flat on cocktail or martini glasses. The pointed end allows for easy garnish spearing and this heart-shaped version of the pick adds a stylish touch to your presentation. The pick is 4.5" long and the bamboo material makes it light enough to store and use easily. Each order is a pack of 100 picks.

These picks are biodegradable, an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic garnish picks. The bamboo picks are perfect for garnishing tropical drinks at a tiki bar or theme party. We also offer a full line of accompanying tiki bar products including glassware, mugs, shot glasses and accessories.

  • Natural bamboo
  • Pointed end makes it easy to spear fruit
  • Heart shaped
  • Strong enough to hold multiple garnishes
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 4.5" Long

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