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BarConic® Tiki Mug - Kon Tiki Rock - 20 ounce


This Polynesian Island inspired tiki mug features an authentic tiki God design, showcasing a desirable rustic finish that will enhance your cocktail presentation. Molded from a high quality ceramic material, this stone colored tiki mug is then lightly brushed with a contrasting black to enhance the definition of the mold. It is then glazed over offering an added layer of protection and shine. 

The Kon-Tiki expedition was a 1947 journey by raft across the Pacific Ocean from South America to the Polynesian islands, led by Norwegian explorer and writer Thor Heyerdahl. The raft was named Kon-Tiki after the Inca god Viracocha, for whom "Kon-Tiki" was said to be an old name.


  • Capacity: 20 ounce
  • Measures: 6.5" H x 3.25" rim diameter
  • Material: High quality, durable ceramic
  • Designed after the well known Kon-Tiki
  • Beautiful contrasting design definition
  • Rustic and authentic design