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BarConic® Tiki Drinkware - Koa


This tiki mug is the perfect piece to add to your collection of tiki drinkware. Molded from a high quality ceramic material, this glass features high quality detailed embossed lines that give this tiki so much character. This mug also features a carved wooden design of a traditional tiki carving. It is then glazed over to offer an added layer of protection and giving it a beautiful shine. 

Tiki mixology is a trend that is continuing to gain momentum. Serve your exciting libations in these unique vessels and gain recognition as a true master mixologist. Tiki mugs are perfect for bars as well as home party settings.

 This Tiki Mug measures approximately 22 ounces, but due to its handmade nature, capacity may vary slightly.

Please note: This ceramic Tiki Collection is hand painted and fired. Slight color variations are possible.

  • Capacity: 22 ounce 
  • Measures H 7.75" x D 3.75"
  • Materials: High quality, durable ceramic
  • Carved wood design
  • Detailed embossed lines
  • Hand-crafted with high gloss finish