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Bartender Tote Bag - Pink Camo Design


Many professional bartenders prefer to supply their own bartending tools during their bar shifts. Rather than leaving your supplies at your work place, taking the chance of them getting stolen or carelessly used by others, consider this stylish and convenient bar tool transportation method . Our Bartending tote bags have been designed to fit all of your standard bar tools needed for any productive bar shift.

We are excited to now showcase a series of custom designed bar totes utilizing the latest in printing technology. This high quality, full color pink camouflage imprint adds personality and fun to you bartending ammo. We also offer you an easy way to add matching bartending tool sets to go with your custom designed tote bag. These sets of 9 different types of bar tools will fit perfectly in your bar tote, ideal for any type of bartending gig.

Note: Bar tool sets and bar totes are sold separately.

  • Transportable bar tote that holds a series of essential bartending supplies.
  • High quality, full color trendy pink camo design
  • Nylon bag will withstand common ware and tear
  • Nylon handle offers secure, comfortable tote grip.
  • 2 large zipper compartments to keep your bar tools organized
  • Matching bar tool sets are sold separately
  • Matching bar tool sets contents: V-Rod® Bottle Opener, Weighted 18 ounce Shaker Tin, Weighted 28 ounce Shaker Tin, 4 Prong Cocktail Strainer(6) Black Plastic Liquor Pourers, Double Lever Corkscrew, Ice Scoop, Red Knob Bar Spoon, .75oz X 1.25oz Jigger