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BarConic® Master 10 Piece Garnish Kit

It has all the tools needed for making perfect garnish, like twists and spirals from citrus fruits. Serve your favorite dishes and cocktails with beautiful garnish no matter where you are; with the Master Garnish Tool 10 piece set. The garnish clips are efficient in holding garnishes and looking great while doing it! Everyone will love receiving their drinks with these cute little cocktail clips to hold their garnishes in place. Our BarConic® Nutmeg Grater is great for grating fresh nutmeg to use in your signature cocktails, for baking, or for adding flavor to any sweet dish. It also features a removable bottom piece that has a storage compartment for whole nutmeg. Cocktail Stencils provide a fun and interesting way to garnish your craft cocktails. They are versatile and can work for any cocktail, fancy coffee or other beverage.
Garnish Tools
  • BarConic® Nutmeg Grater
  • 100 pack Multi Color Garnish Clips
  • 2 Silicone Ice Ball Molds
  • BarConic® 12" Tongs
  • BarConic® Vertical Canelle Channel Knife
  • Twist Knife with Blade
  • BarConic® 4 pack Stencils
  • Melon Baller
  • BarConic® Spiral Cutting Tool
Care and Instructions
  • Hand Wash recommended